Create more VALUE with your dance families by building a foundation of young LEADERS in your studio.  Become a Taking Shape Star Leadership Affiliate studio TODAY!

  • Select the curriculum that fits your organization
  • Receive instant access to the digital leadership curriculum, power points and videos
  • Grow young leaders

Take advantage of having BOTH curriculums to grow your leaders alongside Taking Shape™.

Build your students from age 3-18 to be leaders in the classroom, school and community!

Taking Shape™ continues the mission to grow young leaders by planting the “seed” of  leadership in the younger years of children. 

Statistics show that introducing solid character values at an early age builds a solid foundation to build upon. The Karma Kids Curriculum is a mindfulness and leadership based curriculum to build emotional intelligence in youth ages 3-6. 

The curriculum is designed in 40 short 10-15 minute hands on lessons and experiences that any youth educator can easily implement into their lesson plan. Kind, serving, trusting and children who learn to LOVE themselves. 

This is the future of our world!

The Taking Shape™ Star Leadership program empowers the youth of the next generation through a structured, easy to implement leadership curriculum.

Helping kids gain confidence, battle stress and anxiety, create awareness and put action behind values such as resilience, gratitude and servant leadership. 

The curriculum is designed in 40 lessons with powerpoints and videos that any youth educator can easily implement into their lesson plan.

Build the leaders of tomorrow!